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During the years 2012 and 2014 we have prepared several canvases with colour samples. This database now contains raw data of this measurements and our articles shows results which are based on these measurement.

Measurements are of three kinds - data from spectrometer (reflection/transmission), data from camera (different modalities, reflection/transmission), documentation (images of whole boards, true colour replication, etc.)

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Database content

studied materials25Materials was combined in up to 3 layers (ground layer, underdrawing/underpainting and top covering layer). Selection of materials should be representative for ghotic and renaissance period.
prepared samples634Samples are of four kinds - ground layer only, ground layer with drawing, ground layer with color and finally groundlayer with drawing covered by colour layer.
measurements evaluated6864Evaluated measurements can be found in download section stored as Matlab data structure.
spectral measurements7238Database does not contain all measurements performed we hope that we fullfill most of camera measuremets. These images now waiting for postprocessing (conversion, sample cuting, etc.)
images13Images of all canvases are now stored in the database.